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A unique layered Portfolio

Your Upside portfolio is a personalised mix of 200+ stocks made up of Upside bundles and single stocks that consider your risk appetite and diversification to help reduce your portfolio's overall risk.

Upside Base

Your Base is your portfolio's stable foundation.

Managed by Upside, your Base is a diverse group of stocks that aims to mitigate some of the risks normally associated with investing in stocks.

Upside Bundles

Bundles are our unique themed collections of 21 stocks, designed and managed by our Upside technology.

They allow you to be more focused and adventurous by investing in what you believe in.

Focused Stocks

Make your portfolio as unique as you are by adding your favourite stocks.

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The Upside app allows every investor - from new to pro - to build a successful portfolio

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Your investments should be as unique as you are

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Our framework puts your money to work with little monthly maintenance

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We believe in transparency from what’s in our funds, to the fees we charge

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Built with top-level encryption and we are authorised and regulated by the FCA

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We’ll help you every step of the way, and provide bespoke insights on your portfolio

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